Freitag, November 04, 2005

the great prairie sitting

a project by elias & laubenvogel who traveled the prairie at the amazing land of the lakota people in south dakota

for a week we have been sitting in the wind upon a spacy mother earth, listening. getting lost in the silence for hours the project was blessed by the elements.

we met our red brothers and sisters and wondered about the abstruseness of their situation. No doubt, you will get your land back!

as far as we find the time, we are cutting on the films we shot, writing texts and around January the clip should be finished.

thanks to Igor, Maria and Jose for joining!

as soon as we will finish, we will let you know!

elias & laubenvogel

in my workshop

come with me and have a closer look

there are pots od colour and there is clay and there is plaster
and there are many fotos waiting to be published

Freitag, Oktober 28, 2005

das formlose in der form

das formlose in der form hat wieder eine manifestation erhalten.
unter diesem blog könnt ihr ständig erfahren, was denn gerade jetzt passiert.